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Status menu

Displayed information

Menu Icon Network activity not shown (preferences option).
Menu Icon Menu Icon Traffic meters showing current received and transmitted data rates. There is a preferences setting whether meters are shown monochrome or in color.
Menu Icon Traffic meters with numeric data rates. There is a preferences setting whether numeric rates are shown.
Menu Icon Blocked connection attempt. At the moment a connection is blocked, a red cross flashes in the traffic meters.
Menu Icon
Menu IconMenu Icon
Current operation mode: In Alert Mode there are just the Traffic meters. But in Silent Mode, there is an additional dot drawn in green (Silent Mode — Allow Connections) or red (Silent Mode — Deny Connections).
Menu Icon Network Filter is off: A warning symbol is shown when the network filter is off.
Menu Icon Traffic Capture is running: A blinking symbol is shown to indicate when a traffic capture is running.

Available menu actions

The status menu provides access to frequently used options:

Configuration options

Choose Little Snitch Preferences from the status menu and switch to the Network Monitor section. There you can change the appearance of the status menu icon:


Two more options are in the General preferences section:


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