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Map View

The Map View visualizes connections on a geographic map:

Map View

Setting your own location

With factory settings, Little Snitch determines your current location from your Language and Region Settings in System Preferences. This is the default because it can be done without querying any remote servers.

If you want to refine your position, you have two options:

  1. Tell Little Snitch to use Apple Location Services to determine your location. This will keep your current location up-to-date. Open Little Snitch Configuration > Preferences > Monitor > Automatically update my location in map or right-click into the map and choose Set My Location Automatically.
  2. Right-click the map where you are currently located and choose Set My Location Here from the context menu.

Information about a location

Click one or more location, zone or cluster marks to select them. The Connection List is automatically reduced to show only connections to the selected marks, so you can see processes, hosts and domains involved. Open Connection Inspector to see even more details.
Learn about how selections in the Connection List, in the Map and in the Traffic Diagram interact…

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