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Connection Inspector

The Connection Inspector is opened in one of the following ways:

In fact, there are two types of Connection Inspector: a detail inspector for selected connections and a summary inspector when nothing is selected.

Summary Connection Inspector

If no connection is selected, a summary over all items shown in the Connection List is displayed.

Summary Inspector

Detail Connection Inspector

If at least one connection is selected, a summary for the selected connections is shown:

Detail Inspector

Ports, protocols and Internet addresses — The connection list is hierarchical, but only down to server names. Information on Internet address, protocol and port level are still stored, though. If you want to see statistics or a Traffic Diagram for a particular port, protocol or IP address, just filter on it.

Absolute dates — Dates are often given as relative times (e.g. 25 minutes ago) or in ISO format. Hold the -key while the inspector window is active to show them as absolute dates in your preferred localized format.

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