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Connection List


Connection List

Network Monitor records all network connections established by processes on your computer, provided that it is enabled and you are logged in. Data is collected “forever”, there is no time limit when connections are deleted from the list. There is, however, a size limit of 20,000 distinct connections by default, which can be increased up to 100,000 in the Preferences.

In order to work with such a large list of connections, Network Monitor can filter the list by various criteria.
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Context menu

All lines in the Connection List have a context menu shown on right-click. The following options are of general interest. Options related to Rule Management are discussed in a separate section.

Private Connections

Network Monitor collects a plethora of information about all the Internet connections of the programs you use. Although this information is protected from access by others (using encryption), you may prefer if particular data is not even collected or stored. For instance, you may live in a country where visiting certain web sites can get you into trouble and you don’t want any traces to be stored on your computer.

Little Snitch offers a mechanism to deal with this: Rules for Private Connections. If such a rule matches a connection, Network Monitor summarizes traffic statistics in a single Private Connections line. These rules can be created in Little Snitch Configuration or in thecontext menu when you right-click on a process in the Connection List.

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