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The following icons are used by Little Snitch Configuration to indicate particular properties of rules.

Rule’s action is allow.
Rule’s action is deny.
Rule’s action is ask for.
Redundant Rule: This rule is redundant, it never matches a connection.
Covering Rule: This rule covers other rules, making them redundant.
The rule has raised priority, but would have the same effect with normal priority.
Rule matches incoming connections.
Invalid Rule: This rule is invalid because the process path is not valid.
Process Owner Anyone: Rules for anyone match processes started by any user, including system users.
Process Owner System: Rule matches processes started by the system.
The rule becomes inactive after a period of time or when a particular event occurs.
Unapproved Rule: Rules are tagged as unapproved when they were created outside of Little Snitch Configuration.
Unchecked Process: The rule does not check the process identity or it matches processes which are not trustworthy.
Indicates that this is an extra-high priority rule denying all network traffic for the process.

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