Little Snitch 5 Help

Search and filters

The search field performs a textual substring search in all items of the connection list. By default, it searches in process names and server names and supports a limited set of keywords


Search term examples

Click the search menu to see more of the supported query prefixes.

When multiple search strings are entered, only items matching all the strings are found. Exception: Multiple search expressions for geographic locations of the same level match if any of the location expressions match.

Filter menu

The filter menu adds filters for the following properties. When a filter is active, the menu button is highlighted.

If you want to see what new connections occur as a consequence of an action, choose the From Now filter from the filter menu (keyboard shortcut Command-K). Immediately after setting this option, the connection list is empty and connections appear as they occur. Perform the action in question (e.g. load a web page) and see in realtime how connections are made.

Local network connections

One filter is active by default: Connections to devices in your home or office, e.g. your printer, scanner, network attached storage, router etc. are not shown. If you want to see them, choose from the main menu View > Show Local Network. This filter also acts on the traffic meter shown in the status menu.

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