Little Snitch 5 Help

Connection Inspector

The Connection Inspector is shown in the sidebar of the Network Monitor window. It can be opened in one of the following ways:

Summary view

If there’s nothing selected in the connection list, the inspector shows a summary over all connections that are currently visible in the connection list.


Detail view

If one or more connections are selected in the connection list, the details of those connections are shown in the inspector:


Ports, protocols and Internet addresses — The connection list is hierarchical, but only down to server names. Information on Internet address, protocol and port level are still stored, though. If you want to see statistics or a Traffic Diagram for a particular port, protocol or IP address, just filter by it.

Absolute dates — Dates are often given as relative times (e.g. 25 minutes ago) or in ISO format. Hold the Option-key to show them as absolute dates in your preferred localized format instead.

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