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Search and filter rules and suggestions


Little Snitch Configuration shows rules and rule suggestions matching certain filters. The sidebar contains the filters that determine which rules or rule suggestions are listed.


There are four sections in the sidebar: Rules, Rule Groups, Profiles and Suggestions. Sections are hidden if they are empty. For instance you won’t see the Profiles section, until you create your first profile.

Top Bar

For some sidebar filters, the rules and suggestions list is supplemented by a top bar. This top bar contains actions that are likely to be applied on rules or suggestions having the filtered property.


Searching rules and suggestions

In addition to filtering by particular properties via the sidebar, you can search a the text of a rule or suggestion. Enter a search term in the search field to focus only on rules and rule suggestions containing the search term. By default (search scope All), the term is searched using a substring match in:

The search scope can be limited to any of these properties in the search field’s menu.


The search term is split into words (separated by spaces) and a rule matches if it contains all words in the selected search scope.

In the search scope Process (exact match), the search term is not split into words. It is used as-is, including spaces and the entire process name must match the search term. In addition to rules for processes which match the term exactly, rules for Any Process match as well. The search scope therefore finds all rules which have an effect on network filtering for the given process.

Focus mode

Focus mode allows you to focus on just a specific subset of rules. To enter focus mode, select one or more rules and then choose View > Focus on Selected Rules or View > Focus on Rules Affecting Selection. This will focus on just the rules you want to see, while leaving the search field free for further filtering.

Focus Mode is also used for revealing matching rules from the connection alert or Network Monitor (e.g. by right-clicking a connection and choosing Show Corresponding Rules).

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